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Conditions for funding for Fast Track Application PP

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• Parent Project onlus funds research projects focused on DMD/BMD

• Applications for funding can be submitted for a whole research project, but also for PhD, student grant, technical support material for research (laboratory material, equipment, animal models, etc.)

• A Principal Investigator (PI) can only submit one proposal

• The project must be presented in English including a Lay summary in double-language (English + Italian only for italian applicants) with a brief description of the objectives, the rationale and the experimental design

• The requested budget must be presented in a comprehensive manner, detailing the various items of expenditure

• Applications for funding up to € 20,000 (VAT included) will be considered

• Secretarial and general expenses may not exceed 5% of the total amount, falling within the total maximum funding

• The research project must be launched within six months of official approval by Parent Project onlus. Any delay will be taken into consideration only if appropriately justified

• Funded projects will be monitored, and researchers will be required to share the results obtained with Parent Project by presenting an annual progress report and/or a final report

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